Our journey with kindness

What started as a simple straightforward query by our 13-year-old on the best way to help people in need led us to aidbees, the social kindness platform. 

We saw in it the opportunity to channelize the young minds, raring to do their bit towards the greater good in society, unhindered by any doubts whatsoever about the veracity of the platform or the partner entities. As parents, we see it as a means to set up a SIP for social kindness, wherein they are guided to make the right choices with deep impact.

And when we, who have been reasonably active donors, started thinking about how we can make it really easy for these young kids, one thing that struck us most was the social validation that the GenY and GenZ are smitten by. Their decisions are governed more by believable stories behind the actions than the action itself. Which is so amazing. And that’s where the gap is. With the older generation thinking of sharing their acts of charity as indecent, bordering on showing off, and the existing options tearing into you with heart-wrenching pictures of people begging for help, what was clearly lacking was the breadth and depth of Do GOOD stories that can inspire. Stories that make you say. “Yes, I can, and Yes, I should”. What aidbees aims to achieve is to create a community of benevolent people, driven by a common cause to contribute to the good in society and share their as well as their friends’ stories of kindness, unhesitatingly.

To add to that, we have attempted to go one step further to bring everything that can be done in the space under one roof so that the entire cycle of sharing stories to volunteering for a good cause and donating in cash or kind is all just a click away on the same page. Bringing convenience with conviction is how we would like to put it. 

The journey for us, as founders, has just begun. And we wish to see many joining us, on the way. We are counting on you to be one of them. Let’s explore!

–  Rashmie and Ashwani Kumar

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