Where Kindness Matters

In the fast paced times we live in, we forget to connect to what truly matters. In a culture where materialism and materialistic things are tokens of appreciation, kindness and doing good is what truly matters. Practicing kindness and sharing with others have the potential to imbibe empathy, thoughtfulness and values. When our focus is brought to giving back to the community, our attention is immediately driven to the real needs of the community – sustainability, longevity, health benefits in the long run for future generations.  Introducing aidbees the social kindness platform that promotes community building, donations and volunteerships. 

With poverty, unemployment, depletion of resources and climate change on the rise, it is time for us to share our stories of doing good to create a change in our communities.

Globally, parents want their children to grow up to be more compassionate individuals who do good for their society. But here’s where the problem arises –  80% of parents also imbibe a sense of pride in their children on grade achievement or materialistic bonus. Only 20% convey the message of helping others/caring/community building as a success or a worthy act. And as we grow older from children to adolescence to college students that sense of doing good and being compassionate fades. A good example of that is even after enforcing a structured curriculum for community development in colleges and universities, less than 40% actually complete these programs. 

But there is good news, there always is. 

Empathy and compassion are like muscles, the more we practice them, the stronger they get. We can start today by teaching our children, our neighbours, our friends to be compassionate, understanding and empathetic. A step by step change will help us raise kinder children, adolescents and college students. While we will be able to fulfill the community needs like feeding the hungry, ensuring old age interaction, caring for rescued animals we will also be providing our children with less stress, better health, a space for achievement through gratitude and higher self esteem. 

You can make a difference with small changes in your day to day life.

  • Share and raise awareness about compassion and being kind. 
  • Start with empathetic ideas 
  • Join our community 

Together with you, we can make a change in the world by sharing our stories with friends and family and raising awareness towards being better and kinder human beings for us, our society and our future generations. How we treat each other and our environment will decide how our community grows, how our community grows will reflect on the country and so forth the world, we believe kindness truly has the power to create a better world. 

At aidbees, we promote and facilitate community building, donations, volunteerships and a space to share your stories of kindness and compassion.

–  Team aidbees

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