Cost of Donation

cost of donation

There is always a ‘Cost’ of donation!

You must have come across numerous articles, pages, fundraisers, and charity drives on the internet. Organisations are working hard to raise funds for the needy, day and night. An initiative feels right for you. You wish to contribute towards it. You want to do your part by helping others. How do you go about it?

Donation drives are all about you donating valuable goods in cash or kind to certain designated NPOs and NGOs. 

Today, we are going to talk about the donations made by you. What happens once you get in touch with the NGO of your choice? Are  you informed about how your donations will help bring about a change? Does the  organization speak to you  about your fund’s journey?

How many organizations talk about the costs incurred when you choose to donate money? Whatever amount you choose to donate, a certain sum ( 10-25%)  contributes to the processing fee. 

What if today we tell you, we know a way, to make more than 90% of your donated amount reach the charity of your choice? Would you do it?

Yes, it isn’t a false claim, we have actualised it with our initiative- aidbees.

At aidbees, we are ensuring maximum payment efficiency to all these NGOs by charging only a 5% processing fee to the donor. All our funds are transferred through Electronic fund transfers to make the process quick and extremely effective with zero loss in funds. Not to forget, complete payment security.

We send aggregated payment slips to our NGOs. 

We also send across 80G certificates and thank you notes to donors. We do it for the charities we are associated with; It enables them to save time and effort; which is  directed towards the welfare of the society. We are working towards improving and working for society. We are transparent about our journey.

Aidbees makes it easier for individual donors to manage their donations, volunteering, and impact sharing on one single platform. Our one-stop destination means kind individuals need to work with only one platform to reach out to any theme they identify with. 

Feel free to write to us ( or contact us if you wish to know more about our organisation or any queries.

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