Bibi Prakash Kaur: The story of becoming a mother to over 100 abandoned girls!

In the next edition of our Kindness stories, we bring to you the story of Bibi Prakash Kaur, who has brightened the lives of more than 100 rejected and abandoned girls of Punjab by now, was conferred with the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award by the government of India.

The story of Prakash Kaur becoming the Bibi or the “mother figure” began when she was herself thrown out of her home 60 years ago. Later on since 1993, she decided to dedicate her life to saving more such abandoned girls.

The efforts of Bibi Prakash Kaur, who has long been rearing girls under the banner of a unique home (also called Bibi Prakash Kaur Unique Home), have been appreciated not only in the country but also abroad. This was the reason why even people like Nita Ambani, came to Jalandhar and appreciated the unique home works by decorating Bibi Prakash Kaur with the “Real Hero Award.”

For her, kindness travels through the shared experiences and a dedicated selfless effort of bettering the lives of so many young girls thrown out of their houses.

In addition, Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan also visited the Unique Home in 2017 and appreciated the work being done there. Bibi Prakash Kaur has also been a teacher of mathematics at an Gujral Memorial School. She started this journey of service in 1993. At that time, a unique home was launched in the Model House area. It started rearing the rejected girls on their own. In the meantime, the girls who were left in the dark of fortune by their parents were adopted by Bibi Prakash Kaur herself. This is how she became the mother to so many helpless girls.


This work was actually dedicated to the service of Insaniyat (humanity) as she describes it herself. It also increased over time.
For nearly three decades, she has been rearing those in need through her Unique Home.


A unique home model house running in three acres as well as a unique home in about 3 acres on Nkodar Road, Punjab has been constructed. Here, all the facilities have been developed from the huge parks, class rooms, the dining room, the play ground, which is given to the girls of a thriving family.

The mother of every child at Unique Home is Prakash Kaur!
Bibi Prakash Kaur says that under the banner of Unique Home, girls are also arranged for higher education from studying in good schools.Bibi Prakash continues to handle the Unique Home project and is an inspiration to all!

We at aidbees celebrate women like Prakash Kaur for their efforts in making other women successful and also flourishing the Kindness Revolution!

Here’s to Bibi Prakash Kaur and her efforts!

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