Bombay To Barcelona: This Mumbai cafe helps street girls and boys in building a better future for themselves!

When Amin Sheikh, a former street beggar from Mumbai, travelled from Bombay to Barcelona for the first time in his life, he realised there needed to be so many more efforts for street children in India to give them a kinder and brighter future! 


This is when he laid the foundation of the Bombay to Barcelona Library and Cafe– an enriching space in Marol in the metro city which provides employment, education, and a kinder future to many young boys and girls from the streets in the city. The cafe also runs an orphanage where youngsters are trained with skills and education. Some of these young adults have gotten admission to top-ranked universities and became artists, rappers, and designers. Team aidbees got in touch with Amin Sheikh to know more about this space! Read along

Who doesn’t like a concept cafe? But this cafe took a swirl in the name of concept by building something of significant meaning by helping the underprivileged with kindness, and at an even kinder cost. All the employees’ salaries at B2BLC are paid through what the cafe sells on the menu. 

It is more than just a cafe, it’s one of a kind mission to help the street boys and girls to have a better life. The mission of this cafe is exceptional, providing a home and brighter prospects to street children. 

Kindness for Amin stems from his efforts to make sure the future of the children is safe by ensuring them a proficient life. The people are helping the act of kindness for Amin as by only supporting the cafe, it will grow which will help these disadvantaged youth to make a cut above the rest. This way people can spread kindness with the smallest of gestures. 

But where did the name of this cafe come from? Bombay to Barcelona was the first-ever flight of the founder. He then had an inspiration about the idea of there being a great need for cafes to support street beggars in India. Being a former street survivor encouraged him to become a kindness warrior for the street children by guiding them to make a place for themselves in the world. And that’s how a home of affection was founded for the children of the streets.

This cafe has a vibe of warmth and welcomes the youth of the street or as Amin Sheikh calls them his own children to learn, adapt, and help themselves transform into better people. Bombay to Barcelona Library cafe works as a home, an institute for such children who have no shelter to call their own home.

“Many of the young people who have survived on the streets are alone and trust no one. They need to cover their basic needs with a job but they also need an environment that gives them security and confidence to explore their concerns and abilities to build their future” – Amin Sheikh 

You can explore more about the cafe by clicking here and helping them with donations and support. 

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