Five Indian Changemakers You Should Know About

With kindness at their hearts and dedication in their eyes, these social welfare warriors are a force to be reckoned with.

Kindness does not stay subject to hurdles and struggles when one decides to make a difference! Today we bring the inspiring stories of five Indian changemakers who have emerged as beacons of hope, embodying the spirit of altruism and social impact. These changemakers didn’t only confront massive issues in their respective work areas and communities, they also have constantly shown resilient dedication towards social initiatives and larger good!

Vikash Agarwal, the founder of Apni Roti NGO, initiated a remarkable “meals on wheels” program during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing free meals to communities in need across Kolkata. Today, Apni Roti feeds over 1500 people daily, showcasing the power of compassion and community support.

Portia Putatunda, a former journalist turned founder of Planet Spiti Foundation, transformed personal tragedy into a mission to educate and nurture. Operating a free boarding school in Komic, India’s highest altitude village, she provides underprivileged children with not only education but also food and shelter, earning the affectionate title of “mother” from her students.

Neeru Yadav, the first female sarpanch of Lambi Ahir village in Rajasthan, defied societal norms to empower young girls through sports. Fondly known as the “Hockeywali Sarpanch,” Neeru trains girls in hockey and women’s safety, paving the way for their participation in district and state-level tournaments.

Bindeshwar Pathak, the visionary founder of Sulabh International Organisation, dedicated his life to ending manual scavenging and improving sanitation conditions. Despite his passing in 2023, his legacy lives on through the more than 1.5 million household toilets opened by Sulabh International across India. He was recently conferred with the second highest civilian award – “Padma Vibhushan” posthumously.

Sudha Varghese, the founder of Nari Gunjan, has been a guiding force for the Musahar community in Bihar for over three decades. Through her NGO, she established an all-girls residential school and works tirelessly with self-help groups to uplift the downtrodden women in Bihar.


These stories of resilience and determination are a testament to the positive impact individuals can make in their communities. For them, kindness and compassion unfold in a way where they place social welfare and meaningful impact before anything else!

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