How Employment Can Improve the Livelihood of Poor

“Development happens through jobs” This statement sums up the reality that the exit to poverty and poor households is creating an expansion of employment and this is the way economies grow and diversify. Due to the scarcity of livelihoods, households remain in poverty. There is less growth, less security and less human and economic development.  

The desire for employment and livelihoods with rising incomes, dignity and respect is a development goal that speaks directly to people all over the globe.

Let us work with the NGOs related to improving livelihood and employment.


Save The Children India



Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development [CARD]

Marathwada NAvnirman LOKayat (MANAVLOK)

Foundation for Initiatives in Development and Education for All (IDEA)


Human Welfare Charitable Trust

Dhara Sansthan

Pratham Infotech Foundation

Help Foundation J&K


DBM India

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