Meet Kashvi Jindal: This Young Entrepreneur Helps The Underprivileged Communities Gain Financial Literacy

At an age where teenagers explore technology and the newer ways of being, Kashvi Jindal from Gurugram explored a new way to help the underprivileged. This is her story of kindness, support and intellect! 

17 years old Kashvi is the Founder of “Invest The Change”, a social enterprise based out of Gurugram that helps people from rural and underserved communities in gaining financial literacy and avail benefits of various government schemes. She has already helped and made more than 3,000 people aware about their financial rights and security and the number keeps growing. 

However, what drove her to this passion of making lives better and stronger for so many? It all started when a curious 13 year old Kashvi would sit with her father and brainstorm on ways to deliver financial knowledge to the grassroot. Her father runs a hedge fund and helped her at every step of the way to get the enterprise running. 

Kindness for Kashvi stems from making a social impact that spreads awareness, insight and makes a population more independent.

It was back in the pandemic days when she was dabbling in the world of cryptocurrency and had multiple discussions with her father over how can the most downtrodden sections be given more financial knowledge. She took the example of her domestic help and that is when “Invest The Change” was born and it has been a long road since then. 

Kashvi’s budding team targets various age groups, women beneficiaries and low income groups. The first step to the process is preparing friendly content for various seminars on financial literacy. In the second step, Kashvi handholds the beneficiaries to help them avail these benefits. The team helps them open bank accounts and fill out the correct forms. The enterprise then reaches the final step- interventions to follow up. 

With growing numbers, Kashvi aims to explore newer heights of her entrepreneurial journey and help as many people as she can! For her, kindness functions through helping many underprivileged people become independent, strong and have a plan for multiple financial interventions. 

Here’s to more industry leaders like Kashvi who make sure that nobody is left behind in the race to becoming financially independent! 

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