On National Vaccination Day, meet Christina- A nurse in Delhi who administered 15,000+ doses!

When India touched the mark of successfully completing 100 crore Covid-19 vaccine doses in 2021, it was business as usual for 26-year-old nursing staff member Christina at New Delhi’s Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital. However, she became a social media icon overnight after PM Modi appreciated her for a very dedicated effort! 

She has had a major role to play in the success of giving vaccine doses in India. We bring to you the kindness story of Christina, an example of how selfless service can bring up a Kindness Revolution! 

Christina, a Manipur nurse working at the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Delhi has single-handedly administered more than 15,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine in just one year. She has also worked in the Covid ICU unit in Manipur, and has been a frontline worker since the pandemic shot up. 

For Christina, kindness functions from the point of selflessness, it functions on the basic idea of giving oneself to others and making sure you do your best service with dedication. It was her will to help others and spread kindness that she was always at the forefront of her work. 

As the pandemic hit a developing country like India in 2020, it was more than necessary to take care of the fact that the vaccine doses are being given properly and to all the eligible people. People like Christina made sure this happens to the best of their capabilities. 

It has indeed been a long journey for her, she reminisces it as she mentions: 

It has been a long journey for me and a satisfying one. In the initial days, people were hesitant but gradually as everyone came forward, the hesitancy declined and confidence in vaccination improved. People also started cooperating.

The virtue of spreading kindness does not have to necessarily deal with donations or money matters or always saving taxes- kindness can begin from the very simple aspect of doing your job with dedication and making sure there is welfare and goodwill coming out of it. 

The 27-year-old is the only one from her family to have taken to medicine despite the challenges. Christina hails from Senapati district in Manipur where she completed her higher secondary education and then went on to pursue BSc in Nursing from AIIMS Patna. She then completed her MSc from AIIMS Delhi before being posted at RML Hospital in the midst of the pandemic.

She has had a long journey of dealing with people getting scared of the vaccine, however, she dealt with everything with calm, comfort and a smile on her face which is usually mask-clad if you ever see her at RML. 

The virtue of spreading kindness and helping others was the priority for Christina and as she went to achieve this milestone, she stands self motivated and dedicated to continue it further! 

On National Vaccination Day, here’s wishing more power to Christina and other frontline Covid-19 warriors like her. It’s their kind heart, dedication and zeal to do good for the country that’s helping out at such an unprecedented time. 

At aidbees, we aim to bring out the tiniest tales of kindness to the world, for us- kindness matters!

We hope the world remains kind and people like Christina keep getting the acknowledgement they deserve for their hard work!

Cheers to woman power! 

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