A Small Step To Make The World Better: A Guide On How To Donate Online For Children’s Education

A famous quote by Charles Glassman goes like “Kindness begins with understanding that we all struggle”. This holds perfect truth when we look at the status of children devoid of basic education in India today. Amidst all this, kindness comes through stepping up and donating online for children’s charity. 

The Sad State of Affairs  

In an advanced country swiftly going digital for everything, education has still remained a privilege for many children.

  • At least 35 million children aged 6 – 14 years do not attend school.
  • 53% of girls in the age group of 5 to 9 years are illiterate.
  • More than 50 percent of girls fail to enroll in school; those that do are likely to drop out by the age of 12.

Children: The Foundation of A Better Tomorrow 

As a country with 470 million children, it is alarming that more than 3 million of them are living on the streets. We all need to step up to change this!

Education is a basic right for every child.  For underprivileged children, it is all about their experience of learning, becoming a responsible citizen and creating a brighter future for themselves. 

As Dorothy Richardson rightly says, a happy childhood is the most fortunate giftThanks to the internet that the world is just one click away and the presence of online donation sites makes it possible to give them a happy childhood. Let’s give a better childhood to those in need. Let’s donate! Click here

What is our responsibility? 

To make the world a kinder place for these underserved children, our responsibility is to use our privilege to help these children. Through easy access to technology and the evolution of online donation sites,  you can do hassle free and secure donations with one click

Donate to charity online, Donate with trust!

While donating online, you should be careful of the legitimacy and credibility of the source. We bring you some trusted ways of donating for their better future, a better tomorrow! Any online donation platform should provide you with a certification of the donation to these sources. 

At aidbees, we provide you with an 80G certificate for every donation you make! Click here to explore

Accredited NGOs and social organisations 

Non-governmental organisations or NGOs are one of the most accessible ways to donate online for children’s education. A keen eye on the credibility of the NGOs and their previously done social impact work is important. To explore the list of 50+  NGOs across the country for donations, click here 

Social Platforms and Petitions

In the era of the internet, sharing and caring has a new approach- social platforms. From sharing your daily life to sharing happiness, the internet is the key to everything. You can also donate through social platforms after checking their credibility. Click here to know more about online donations 

Social Kindness Platform- A New Experiment 

A unique way of curating donations, happiness and kindness for the underprivileged, social kindness platforms are the new wave of spreading caring through sharing. 

Donate easily with the assurance of an automatic 80G Certificate. Click here

The world is divided between people who have access to opportunities and people who don’t. As people who do have the privilege of technology, it is our prime responsibility to do something for those who are in need. Through online donations, social change has come one step closer to us.

You can pledge to make happiness reach to those who don’t have it. Donate for children’s education and be part of the real change- a change that brings happiness, kindness and a stronger future to the world!

Click here to explore the network of children’s charities and donate to them online!

Stay kind and spread smiles. 

aidbees works with 50+ NGOs across 10+ themes including environment, education, health, empowerment, etc. You can support them and join us in spreading the Kindness Revolution. Click here to explore more!

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