All You Need To Know About Corporate Fundraising : What, Why and How to Do It?

When Margaret Mead said, ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has’ she meant that every change brought about in society begins through the actions of a few individuals who hold the power to change the world. Corporates are in no way different; they have the resources required to make a giant difference in society. Corporate social initiatives could be any program or activity that businesses undertake to operate in a socially responsible manner.

These initiatives help businesses demonstrate their commitment to making a positive impact on society and the environment, as well as to promote their brand and build trust with customers and other stakeholders. With the world becoming increasingly interconnected, our actions can have a profound impact on our community. The need for companies to be socially responsible cannot be overstated. The important question is- how to give back to the society?

Corporates can give back in several ways; by fundraising for a cause, by donating, or even volunteering in their community. Doing good for your community requires nothing more than the will to do good. Simple acts of kindness such as these impacts the corporate culture and the society at large by building empathy and building lives. 

Social work helps individuals and families find hope and a sense of purpose. Social responsibility is a calling – a deep, abiding commitment to helping others and making the world a better, more compassionate place.

It is extremely important that giant companies which have great leverage in society use their resources for the betterment of all and it is highly commendable that corporates in India are increasingly taking up more socially responsible initiatives. 

Corporates themselves can have a fun time by fundraising as a team by organizing team-building activities like bake sales, car washes, and charity auctions or with fundraising events such as charity races, trivia nights, and dinner auctions. The benefits of fundraising as a team are employee engagement, morale as well as the opportunity to give back to the community. This also helps companies increase their brand awareness and build relationships with other stakeholders.

Events such as the TCS World 10K are an effective way for corporates to fundraise as they provide a platform to further expand on their social responsibility initiatives by partnering with verified NGOs and helping them raise money for a cause. It allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility, foster a sense of community and team spirit and help bring about a change in society!

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