CEO Speaks- Running For Philanthropy: How community sporting events are becoming the showstoppers for social change.

In my crazy world of devoting one hour to fitness, I could no longer walk to achieve my fitness goals and without realising, I moved from my power walks to jogging , which soon turned to running 7-10km, five days a week. As they say, the bug bit me!!

Three years and I haven’t felt the need to quit. It makes me glad how every runner has a reason to commit to running- mine being the focus that it brings to me for that one hour. 

I seem to inhabit a parallel universe which as tiring as it may be, pulls me back every morning. I guess it’s a similar pull that has made running a passion across the world. There are innumerable runs and marathons being organised with millions of runners running for their health, camaraderie and fulfilment of personal goals. And over the years, philanthropy has also become a part of most of these runs. 

Not just a way to spread good will, the philanthropy spectrum of these runs has successfully been able to have individuals, communities and corporates run together for a cause that matters. 

According to Procam International, a Mumbai-based sports consultancy that organises marathons, over ₹491 crore have been raised by marathons across Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata (including a virtual run during the two years of the pandemic). The number itself shows the power of community building and these events being a pillar for them. 

Philanthropy has also added a dimension of festivity to these runs. Watching millions of people run for a cause, dressed in festive colours, singing and dancing as they move around the course often makes me wonder at the sheer power of change that a sport can bring. 

Who could have thought that a sport as simple as tying your shoe (and often not even that) and running out in any terrain could actually become a world movement that can transform lives for millions! 

It brings me immense joy to inform that we at aidbees have partnered with Procam for the TCS World 10K Run in Bengaluru in our endeavour to make the world a kinder place one step at a time. The Race Day is 21st May 2023 and as the Philanthropy Partner, you can raise funds through aidbees platform till the 9th of June, 2023! 

In an attempt to help 70+ NGOs in amplifying their work and connecting the ecosystem of corporates and peers to these NGOs for fundraising, I am grateful to lead the ship. 

As the date for the run draws closer, I welcome you all to join us in this endeavour to make a difference in the world. If you’re a corporate company leader, a social work group member, an NGO or an advocate of social welfare reading this, 

Click here to Register Now and Fundraise at the TCS World 10K, Bengaluru #CauseItMatters 

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