Change the world. Give every child their right to education : Seema Seth

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

– Nelson Mandela

Education and literacy doesn’t only mean academic knowledge, it also contains awareness about oneself and the world. Children are the future of a tomorrow which is advanced, technologically smart and modern. Every child, regardless of their background deserves education and the awareness to be responsible.

Learning aspects and acts of kindness can also help these children grow into responsible citizens of the coming generation. Redefining education through kindness and compassion can help these children learn personality growth and build a better life for themselves.

Amongst the marginalised communities, education is the least priority as there is a lack of awareness about it. In spite of so many struggles that these communities go through, there is so much that these children can aspire for.


They need to see for themselves that there is a different life that is waiting for them to be explored.  Education starts with the parents- to drive home the awareness that their children deserve a better life, and that life can only become better with education 

The problem is that the children of migrant labour families and daily wage earners in most parts of Delhi- NCR have no access to education and they spend the day loitering in the basti (urban slums). In this process, they are excluded from the education system and they get marginalised in society. Overage children stand no chance of admission to a lot of schools. The concerns with children coming from the said backgrounds also revolve around safe spaces and awareness. 

At Nayi Disha, our vision is to “equip children and young adults from marginalised communities through education; to realize their potential, and become socially responsible, economically empowered citizens”.

Education is a weapon that all children have the right to possess, regardless of where they live and what their parents do. Give them this weapon, help them to use it in the right way, guide them in the right direction and there is no way that this world can not become a better place.   

We started in 2014 with 35 students and 2 teachers in Harijan Colony, Gurguram.  Today it has 170 students and 10 teachers in 2 locations.  In the last 9 years, we have nurtured 800 students, of which 180 students have been admitted for education to mainstream schools.  

Education at Nayi Disha is not limited to basic studies. We teach them good manners, values and the importance of caring and sharing


These children are growing up in an aggressive environment and need to learn kindness, empathy and understanding of each other’s problems. And most importantly, gratitude- “Thank you” for all the good things they receive.


We have also included other programs for providing a holistic approach to the development of the children:

  • Create Safe Spaces – a workshop on Child Rights and POCSO
  • Nayi Disha Youth Division – an initiative for students from private schools for volunteering
  • After school online education initiative to supplement in school learning. 
  • Partnership with CRY for volunteer programmes
  • Educational visits to provide the students exposure to a world outside their bastis
  • Health camps for students and parents to emphasize the importance of hygiene and nutrition
  • Regular parent –teacher interactions, to keep parents involved regarding the progress of their wards.


Every individual should make efforts to bring a change. We all can make a difference and adopt a holistic approach to education, and this makes the society confident that our efforts will definitely help to change lives! 

You can learn more about Nayi Disha by clicking here

This International Literacy Day, let’s pledge together to make every child literate and build a stronger future together!


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About the Guest Author:   Ms. Seema Seth is the founder of Nayi Disha Group of Schools, a school specially designed for children from the underprivileged communities. After 25 years in the corporate world as an HR professional and corporate trainer, she is now focusing her productive years in the field of social development. Ms. Seth has a master’s degree in History and has completed her PG Diploma in Personnel Management in HR. She has spent over 25 years in the corporate and HR world. She is passionate about women and child development and currently handles two branches of the school.

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