Padma Awards 2024 for Social Work: A sneak peek at the journeys of the unsung kindness warriors

On the eve of the 75th Republic Day, the Government announced the long list of Padma Awardees for 2023-24. What caught the attention was the winners in the social work field and how their journeys have resulted in a massive impact. The Padma Awards for Social Work brought to light the extraordinary efforts of these individuals who have dedicated their lives to making a meaningful impact on society.

The winners in the social welfare category are a testimony to how kindness and compassion can lead to an unwavering commitment for social change! Today, aidbees brings you the inspirational stories of these unsung heroes and changemakers!

Among the notable awardees in social work from this year are Parvati Baruah from Assam, Gurvinder Singh from Haryana, Jageshwar Yadav from Chhattisgarh, and Chammi Murmu from Jharkhand. Let’s delve into their remarkable stories that echo the spirit of selfless service, kindness and compassion.


Parvati Baruah: India’s First Female Mahout

Hailing from Assam, Parvati has broken barriers of patriarchy by becoming India’s first female mahout. Her journey reflects resilience and dedication to conserving wildlife. Parvati’s work not only contributes to elephant conservation but also challenges traditional gender norms, paving the way for more women to participate in unconventional roles. Baruah has dedicated her life to conserving, nurturing and making sure that the nature’s guardians stay safe and flourish 


Gurvinder Singh: A Divyang Social Worker’s Inspiring Journey

Hailing from Sirsa in Haryana, Gurvinder Singh is a divyang social worker who has made tireless efforts in advocating for the rights and well-being of differently-abled individuals. His story is a testament to the power of determination, proving that physical challenges can be overcome with a strong will and a compassionate heart. Singh works for the betterment of homeless destitute, women, orphans and divyangjan. He has helped more than 6,000 accident victims through the ambulance facility and also runs a home called “Baal Dhaam” for the homeless.


Jageshwar Yadav: Championing Social Causes in Chhattisgarh

Jageshwar is from Jashpur, Chhattisgarh and has been recognized with the Padma Shri for his outstanding contributions towards educating the tribal communities . His initiatives have positively impacted the community, addressing issues related to education, healthcare, and sustainable development. Jageshwar’s unwavering commitment for the “Birhor” tribe showcases the transformative power of grassroots efforts towards education.


Chammi Murmu: A Climate Warrior’s Remarkable Journey

A climate and sustainability activist from Jharkhand, she has been awarded the Padma Shri for her dedication to environmental causes. She had planted 2,500,000 trees in India till she was awarded the Nari Shakti Puraskar in 2019. Her story is one of resilience and determination, reflecting the urgent need for collective action against climate change. Chammi’s recognition highlights the crucial role individuals play in advocating for a sustainable and ecologically responsible future.

Acts of kindness and social welfare need more recognition and acknowledgement. These unsung kindness warriors, emphasizing the transformative power of individual efforts in creating a better world have made it possible for many others to live a sustainable and happy life!.

Their stories inspire us to reflect on the positive change we can all contribute to our communities, reinforcing the belief that every act of kindness, no matter how small, has the potential to make a lasting impact.

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