This man from Hyderabad has rescued more than 77,000 animals! This is his story.

A usual day in Pradeep’s life starts with looking after over a dozen rescued dogs who he shares his home with. These dogs are affected with various disabilities, impairments and those without limbs.

Pradeep Parakuth shelters these abandoned dogs which are devoid of a home. He is an animal rights activist and he rescues animals in distress and provides them with love and care. This is his story of kindness, compassion and giving a new hope to animal rights

Hailing from Hyderabad. this former software developer is the founder of Animal Warriors Conservation Society, a non profit organisation that works towards rescuing animals in distress and help them with aftercare and treatment. Kindness for Pradeep lies in the compassion to help these animals and speak for them. 

Pradeep has rescued over 77,000 animals stuck in natural disasters and distress with his efforts.

His story of becoming a changemaker started from his student life itself when he was volunteering with organisations like Blue Cross. Pradeep finished his graduation in 2007 and started out as a software developer in an IT firm. But his love for animals kept him hinged with the idea of saving animals in distress. From jumping in wells to rescue buffaloes to saving baby elephants and porcupines, he has gone out of his way to rescue and save animals.

Oftentimes, as he reminisces, rescuing and saving these animals is a life threatening situation, but he is doing it all by himself and his expanding team at the Animal Warriors Conservation Society. 

Pradeep’s concerns about animal rights begin from structural changes in the policy for conservation of animals. He recognised that there is a lack of human resources, finance and policy in place for saving animals, which made him work towards the cause even more diligently. He uses tactical methods to rescue animals from natural disasters and more. 

During the 2018 Kerala floods, Pradeep and his team rescued 480 animals in ten days. He remembers that since his early days, he has rescued 10-15 animals per day on an average. He also arranges cleanliness drives along lakes and other areas to save animals from consuming plastic. He claims to have collected 6500+ kilos of plastic waste through this. His NGO and his team are constantly expanding their ways to deal with animal rights and promote animal welfare.

Pradeep faces harsh conditions at times to rescue stuck animals and gives them proper treatment and aftercare. He is a motivation to many to save animal and he continues to save the strays and abandoned animals. 

Stories like Pradeep’s inspire masses to make a difference. At an age of  38, he stands as an epitome of kindness and compassion towards animals. As the world looks forward towards a safer space for distressed animals, Pradeep is making an effort to make their world better. 

Here’s to Pradeep Parakuth and his dedicated efforts towards saving and rescuing animals! 

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