An act of kindness

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

– Arthur Ashe

I am sure you must have faced the dilemma of wanting to do good but unable to do so because of the discrepancies that lie in the process. At aidbees, we wanted to solve these problems, we were solving our problem but realized that the problems we faced it was not just our problem but the problem of the world. 

We all want to do good but are not sure where to begin and whom to trust. We are unsure whether the money that we donate would reach the needy or not. Questions like – is the organization trustable or not? Will I get feedback from the NGO or not? And whether proper due diligence has been done or not? Remain unanswered most of the time. On the other hand, often charities prefer large donors rather than multiple small ones owing to administrative issues. Some charities end up paying high commissions for attracting donors which leads to unwanted calls. 

The process of wanting to do good isn’t smooth and is inconvenient for most of us. It requires a lot of hassle. We spotted the problem and wanted to bring joy at both ends–the giver and the receiver. As most of the alternatives are made from the receiver’s point of view, we wanted to make it convenient considering both sides of the party.

We knew where the problem lied and wanted to fix it. We wanted to create a platform where all the above questions would be answered and the process of doing good would become hassle-free. So here we are! We built a simple and user-friendly interface where the donors can donate whenever they want along with the options of multiple places to donate at. It’s a technology-based social platform for kindness. It’s easy and all just at the click of a button. The website provides user reviews along with validation of the recipient organizations done by our external auditors. One can even interact with them online. The platform also gives space to umpteen volunteering opportunities. Along with monetary donations, time and expertise can also be volunteered.

You can rest assured that the money that you wish to donate goes directly to the NGO’s account. The process is 100% transparent and reliable.  Our payment gateway partner provides a simple and secure experience. 

Our team consists of highly experienced professionals in the social sector. They are dedicated to making sure that the NGOs can be trusted and verified. We follow a stringent onboarding process that ensures the trust factor with the help of qualified external auditors.

One can donate easily via mobile and desktop. All you got to do is make a login id and choose where you want to donate. We have designed the interface to make sure the process is seamless and intuitive. An automated 80G compliant receipt is sent once a donor completes the process of donation. Further notifications and important communications are sent via email and direct message to increase convenience.

We value our donors and understand their privacy too. To enable a safe transaction pathway, we ensure that the payment gateway is guarded by a strong encryption system, so is our users’ data.

It all is a matter of being able to do good. An act of kindness can go a long way! Thus small steps matter. We believe in integrity and are passionately dedicated to bringing a change. So please join us in our journey towards spreading kindness and creating a global impact. You could help us in amplifying the kindness! We would also love to hear what you think about us.

Apurva Mathur


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