Sustainable Living

A word that is thrown around quite often these days but do we really know what it means to live in a sustainable manner? 

After our conversation with Maya Ganesh about her journey with sustainability and biodiversity, we decided to shed some more light on what we can do on a regular basis to improve the condition of our planet Earth. 

A lot of people talk about sustainability and with the introduction of the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), many firms and individuals alike are driving to incorporate methods that are sustainable to our environment. But what is sustainability?  

Sustainability – Sustainability involves reducing the amount of earth’s resources used to help protect it. It is considering our present actions and the implications it can have on the future generations. It is ensuring that we provide the ideal environment for our future to grow. 

With the global temperature dropping by 2 Degrees at the end of 2020( Global Warming Update)  and with numerous environmentalists taking a stand towards sustainability, it is we, the kind minds of the world that need to put action to words. Here are a few ways we’ve learnt that can aid the movement towards a greener sustainable environment and cooler climatic conditions. 


  1. Turn off the switches. 

The first method is by using less energy, we can help reduce the carbon emissions. Switching off the lights, heaters, air conditioners and alternatively putting clothes out to dry instead of using a drier are easy ways to start your journey towards sustainable living. 

    2.  Less meat consumption

The consumption of meat  and in turn the production of meat are one of the largest contributors to climate change and pollution 

    3. Using reusable material 

One of the biggest transitions the world is facing right now, is moving from plastics to reusable organic material that is easy to decompose. Using bamboo based cutlery, reusing organic waste material as compost and switching to eco-friendly toiletries are some of the examples of sustainable products. 

    4. Use less paper

This one is fairly simple, requesting electronic copies rather than printed material. Also, avoid taking receipts when you use your card as you get text notifications of a transaction. 

    5. Renewable energy sources

A current trend across the world is the use of Solar panels and moving to alternative eco-friendly sources of energy. Carbon emissions from automobiles can drastically drop if this change is carried out successfully. 

    6. Recycle and Reuse Material

Segregate your waste material to what can be recycled, disposed and reused. Sorting out our waste is one of the easiest ways to begin sustainable living at home. 

    7. Grow your own produce

Just like “eat your school garden”, we believe growing your own fresh produce can bring you closer to nature. Understanding the climatic cycles and growing conditions for various vegetables can help us nurture a sustainable way of life. 

These are just some ways that we can act on, on a regular basis to ensure that we treat our Mother Earth with kindness. We hope you take these methods back with you and use them at your homes to inspire your families and children.

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