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The word youth, more often than not, gets interlinked to brashness, unaccountability, dispassionate, so on and so forth. So, it was a pleasant surprise of sorts to hear 6 of them, between the age group of 14-25, put forth their ideas around what kindness means to them, absolutely coherently, under the aegis of NGO Day celebration.  Not only that, each one of them had the experience to share that proved that their beliefs weren’t just restricted to words, but were backed by some definite action.

On the 26th of February, we at aidbees hosted a panel discussion amongst the youth leaders of India to understand their perspective and drive in the space of compassion and kindness. 

On the panel, we had Aryan  (Founder, CanUSupport), Anannya (Founder & CEO, Inner Goddess & Big Sister Program), Kaustav (UNDP), Kriti (Student Council President), Molly (budding entrepreneur and social activist) and Tanushri (our inspiration at aidbees) and the discussion was moderated by our CEO, Zamrooda Khanday.

From the discussions that covered a range of topics, we present before you some very probing questions that were put forth and the unambiguous responses we received from these champions of kindness.


Q:  Did it ever occur to you, what difference can I make as an individual? 

Aryan – Kindness is very contagious. You inspire others with your acts. In reality, it does matter.

Kriti – As much as it’s important to realize that we are individually working, we need to also understand that we individuals would make a lot of difference in the long run.

Anannya – In order to do what we do, we read a lot of data and it can be demotivating. But as Kriti said if everyone does their part, we can really change the world. 

Molly – I feel like the work, giving back to society has to start from somewhere If you get stuck for the others, what difference can I make? For example: If I teach one child today and he/she grows into a successful individual, I believe I would be doing my part. Spread awareness. 

Kaustav – The important thing is to understand the need for the initiative. Are you caring about the impact you are making or the numbers you are generating? 

Tanushri – Every small thing we do, does make a difference. 


Q: Is everybody deserving of Kindness? 

Kaustav – It isn’t a question of good or bad. Humankind has essentially tried to survive and we do that better together than apart. It depends on the balance within the person. It is a privilege. Everyone is deserving of respect. Society deserves multiple chances. 

Kriti – Everyone deserves a basic level of kindness.  

Molly – Society deserves kindness. 

Anannya – Defining Kindness is subjective. Everyone does deserve an equitable amount of kindness. 

Q: What will make you stop being kind?

Molly: There isn’t anything that will stop me from doing kind deeds. It’s a constant hunger, once you start doing something good. 

Tanushri – The reason I got into doing good is to make myself happy. It might sound selfish but as long as I am happy I will continue to do good deeds. 

Kriti – As long as it comes from your heart, you can serve a lifetime. Sometimes it may not make you happy though and it may not be easy. 

While this conversation for World NGO day truly inspired us, we hope you asked yourself these questions and find the answers. Every day is a new day to share kindness with someone new and we hope you do your bit by spreading it. 

Till next time, 

Team aidbees 


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