7 ways to aid kindness

A question we often ask ourselves is whether we are doing enough to help develop our society and the environment around us. From helping the elderly to standing up for human rights to protecting animals, we’ve covered 7 little changes that we can make to create a big difference along the way.

  • Volunteer
    Volunteering towards a cause you identify with has shown to create more empathy and compassion in an individual. You also meet like-minded people and build long-lasting friendships.
  • Donate
    Whether it’s blood, money, clothes, or provisions, donations go a long way when it comes to doing good and making a change in the society we live in.
  • Adopt
    Adopt a pet, adopt a child, adopt an elderly – with the population on the rise along with unemployment, providing a home and basic facilities for the vulnerable of our society to grow will help create a brighter future for them as well as us as a society.
  • Go on Cleaning drives
    A trend that has been followed for over 2 decades, participate in or organize cleaning drives where the objective is to eliminate as much trash and garbage as possible so as to maintain a clean and green environment for everyone. Cleanliness also boosts creativity.
  • Plant and Nurture plants
    With deforestation and climate change hovering around our heads, it is time to replenish the greenery that has been taken away from mother earth. It is our responsibility to ensure that we maintain and improve the current situation with natural habitats and eco-friendly reserves
  • Share
    Share your acts of kindness with friends and family so as to inspire and drive change. The impact created by sharing multiplies as it spreads like wildfire.
  • Join aidbees
    Last but not the least, join aidbees where you can get access to sharing, donating, volunteering and participating in various activities that bring about a positive change in the society around us. aidbees is a social kindness platform that looks at changing the world one step at a time through small acts of kindness.


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– Team aidbees

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